Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest Speaker: Connor Nolan

Connor Nolan

CNC- Connor Nolan’s Company


As we approached our first guest speaker lecture we found Mr Nolan idly chatting with our tutor awaiting our arrival. He smiled as we walked in ahead of the clock, exclaiming that the essence of a good PR is punctuality.

A short biography of the man with the business studies degree who now specialises in entertainment, retail and leisure PR with clients such as American Airlines, Harrods, Holly Valance and Warner Village Cinemas started the lecture.

Nolan explained that we are now in the business to create news headlines. This may seem obvious but his use of ‘create’ was the important part. It is part of our description that we make a news item, so we have to find a way to make something, or someone news worthy. His example was a case study of Holly Valance. After leaving Neighbours TV programme to further her pop career in 2002 she managed to get a few top ten singles from her debut album and even a number one, but by 2003 her fame dwindled. Nolan then took over in 2003 and secured her a deal with Schwarzkopf hair colourant. This showed us that we don’t just make information for the press we create the source. Holly Valance has now graced every glossy magazine and tabloid and is now in major motion picture roles.

A similar re-launch of the band ‘Bond’ was done too. Bob Carlos Clarke an erotic but extremely stylish photographer was called in for the transition to CNC in 2004 from 2001. Nolan also made them brand ambassadors for LaRedoute catalogue to make more headlines and reputation.

Nolan was not subtle with his name dropping, and by the time he began his anecdotes of AlFayed we all knew he was just proud of his achievements. But it never made him seem arrogant. He held himself well but he was proud of his clients as well as his company, note company not self. He was enthusiastic but it was through his passion which created a sense that he was indeed a good professional.

Praise for Mr Nolan was that between all of his case studies he told us he gave a reason for telling them and gave a tip each time, like nostalgia is a good selling point particularly in music, where we should go to get the higher money and to get paid upfront in independent films.

A good PR and a good lecturer. Mr Nolan’s guest lecture was enjoyable.

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