Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guest Speaker : Lotte Mahon from The Vine

Walking into the seminar Ms Mahon was sat in a chair awaiting our arrival (well, mine as i was slightly the last to arrive, my course mates were already sitting with pen and paper out). She was obviously quite young and from pre-lecture research I knew she had her own PR business in Falmouth, so already I was quite impressed.

The lecture was an hour and a half and I believe Ms Mahon hardly stopped talking throughout, yet found time to listen to and answer any of our questions. She is of the phenomenal sort of person of which you can listen to for hours- and keep on listening. She kept all our attentions whilst relaying very interesting opinions and information about the world of PR we are starting to wade ourselves into.

Ms Mahon's own business is a 'boutique agency' on her own description; basically meaning, she is unique, she has no chains and is selective of her clientele although she manages to extend over a vast variety of Public Relations including events, marketing and advertising. "A holistic approach to PR" Ms Mahon stated of her practise.

She also advised us on being "flexible to the clients needs." PR is a client focused career so we do need to work around them but also we have our own lives and can't give on everything.

I also found interesting her opinions on the change of PR in just the past 5 years, mostly because of freedom through the Internet and accessibility to this freedom. We can now engage with the individual customer rather than just be reliant on a journalist to send out our press release.

In conclusion, i found Ms Mahon to be a very smart business women and talented PR. She can get a lot of useful information and get you to absorb it. I wish her much luck in her business.

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