Monday, October 19, 2009

Students can't get enough of Tremough

The Fresh Year of Falmouth University College has officially been set in motion for 2009, the students, nervous yet excited, arrive to each of their lectures and seminars learning the difference and enjoy socialising with similar people. However tension at the Tremough Campus is a little awry with the work of vandals written on the train station walls just around the corner.

“Penryn has had enough of Students,” was the graffiti, lowering the emotional atmosphere that had been quite cheerful.

Yet this was painted on the wall a mere two weeks after the arrival of the majority number of students this year, thus providing the notion that these words have been written under an impression that only took a fortnight to acquire; as previous years have not witnessed such prejudice attacks, so it is this year that passion has grown.

Nevertheless, Falmouth University College is the chosen institution for both the fresh new minds and existing students come for their study to better their education.

A locally grown student described her arrival to Falmouth as ‘not much of a change in terms of location but the change from college to university was still scary’ and despite the outside turmoil the on campus jovial ambience has made her relax, feeling that ‘the lecturers are all really friendly and approachable, as are all the students.’

Another home grown student feels that Falmouth has been ‘a great experience’ for him and takes pleasure in the way ‘everyone just seems to get along with everyone and everything they're faced with.’

An international first year has not explored her entire surroundings, such as Penryn Town, yet but has already fallen in love with area, finding ‘all the basic things [she] needs, shop, bar, bus.’ These case studies give insight into the serene nature that the students here expect of their university; and contains the essence of hope they have to continue.

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  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying you blog, Natalie. Your writing style is very accomplished and your insights on life as a student, and on news items you've come across, suggest you have some excellent reflective and critical thinking skills. Keep it up and you're going to do very well on this course. I'm following you on Twitter!
    Cheers, Viv