Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Great Shake In The Fair Direction

Greatshakes, of Falmouth, embraces the fair-trade nation in its hot beverages and plan to extend this green ethos to its vast array of ingredients for milkshakes in the future.

Creating the idea for his company with the help of a friend Steve Pomfret opened ‘Greatshakes’ four and a half years ago. Mr Pomfret remembers the beginning with serving simple banana milkshakes and also the strange combinations of the 40 plus flavours that he provides in the shop.

Greatshakes is obviously popular for its namesake star drink but Mr Pomfret catered for all with a coffee, tea and hot chocolate machine on the premises, each available with different flavourings, some enhanced with syrups.

The 40 plus flavours of milkshake are sourced from a great deal of branded products for the convenience of customers taste and trust; but Mr Pomfret decided that he would stock Fair-trade when possible, such as the Coffee and Tea. He has also accumulated fair-trade chocolate bars in the stores for the shop.

“We do have fair-trade supplies in the shop but I am really looking to stock and use more in the future,” hopes Mr Pomfret.

The store also complies with Customer requests when they bring in ingredients that are not in stock. If you were to bring in a slice of cake from home or one of the very few chocolate bars that are not already on the list of ingredients then Greatshakes will oblige to work their everyday magic and create a beverage from it.

“Customers have brought in some weird things to try, one had a vegetable curry, it really wasn’t good,” laughs Mr Pomfret at the memory, “within reason we will blend anything if the customer wants a specific ingredient we do not have.”

The newest flavour available is Farleys Rusks. But Greatshakes is always thinking about and adding to its long list of wonderful and intriguing flavours. Suggestions are always welcome and forms are available at the counter.


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