Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chew TV Film Review: April 2009 Winner

The bad mouse

Rodent Rascal and Demise

An animation of a pest in a house that leaves mess everywhere and the emotional consequence on the family when they try to rid themselves of said bad mouse. This animation is presented 2d, with a children’s cartoon style narration; this decision f production works well with the narrative as the juxtaposition of a childish aspect for an audience of teenagers who constantly try to act mature is not patronising but amusing. I really enjoyed this short, the voice kept the steady rhythm expected of a child’s story-telling throughout. I fell in love with the mouse from the start, its stereotypical image is adorable, I expect this was the desired effect as it made all the mischievous acts something to laugh at and think sweet, whereas, when it actually happens, it is a pain and you quickly get out the traps. I like how Sykes gave an assortment of catching devices in the plot as it kept it real, plus the ending of the ‘it’s brain’s came out’ reinforces the true audience in contrast to what the film looks like. I find it very difficult to say something bad about The Bad Mouse, Sykes has been completely constant in the film in relation to target audience and the animation itself so the artistic impression drawing is clearly iconic of what it should be but retains the juvenile not-quite-perfect appearance that is vital for the film. I raise my hat to Mr Sykes on his clever and quite philosophical film, or at least I would if I were wearing a hat, but I am inside and it would give me hat hair. :P

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